Being entrepreneurial: Problem-finding before Problem-solving

As always said, an Entrepreneur is a problem solver. They solve customer problems and provide values. It sounds easy. When you try to kick start your entrepreneur journey, you will find that it is difficult to find a problem to solve.

99% of startups fail, and one of the key reasons they fail is “There are no needs of their product/service.” They are not solving a problem.

Before solving a problem, you should find a problem first.

We are discovering the user’s needs via the moment wheel.

But how? Here are three angles you can start your problem discovery journey.

  1. Your Own Difficulies
  2. Your Family’s Difficulties
  3. Your Friend’s Difficulties

Clear? Right? It is simple. Just like a circle. Sarting from your own, then your family, finally your friends.

It sounds simple, but it is difficult to execute as a human being. Why?

Because we like to complain when there is a problem.
Instead, entrepreneurial people will choose to overcome it.

Change your mindset today and start from your own difficulties

If you are working at office, you can start your observation from leaving your home and traveling to your office.

Do you drive? Is the traffice jam frustrating you?

When you are arrived your office nearby, after parking your car, are you looking for your breakfast? Any choices near your office? Or it is difficult to find a good restaurant and kick start your work.

Your boss asked you to finish a report today and it is a 1000 words writing. Are you good at writing reports or article? Are you confident on your English writing or if you need someone to help to check your grammar?

After a whole day working, you are going back to home. Finally. However, traffice jam again and it may drive you crazy!

All these are your daily difficulties. However, you may not think that you are solve them before. However, as an entrepreneurial person, with a growth mindset, you can be the one to solve it. Also, there are someone facing the same difficulties with you and you are going to provide a value to them.

For the above difficulties, that’s why we have

  • Uber and Citymapper for better traveling in the city
  • Deliveroo and Foodpanda for getting meal easier
  • Grammarly for improving your writing

Starting from your own problem is always the best way as we are all human-centered and we need empathy to understand others.

Also, if your own difficulty is “pain” enough, it is also a drive for you to execute your idea.

Find a painful problem and make it as your WHY.

If you and your team looking for step-by-step guidance on problem exploration, here is what you want.

Impact Venture Builder | Social Innovation 💡| (Social/Impact) Entrepreneurial Mindset Education | Design Thinking Mindset | Yes, all about a mindset change 😎

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